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It goes without saying that when you dive in cold water, you need equipment that is second to none. You are engaging in an extreme sport, and you need your gear to stand up to the extreme challenge. USIA Dry Suits are up to the challenge. We like to call our suits the original in wearable technology, since decades of testing and quality control has gone into the manufacturing process.

At USIA, we aren’t just manufacturers, we are also consumers. We use the products we make. Our president, Kim Johns, aka Captain Kujo, is an Avid fisherman, holds a PADI Master Dive Instructor Certificate, is a US Department of Interior Motorboat Operator Instructor, plus a US Coast Guard licensed inland master/operator of uninspected watercraft for over 20 yrs. He knows his stuff.

And we know our stuff. Since 1983 we’ve been making the best dry suits on the market:

Our most popular dry suit, the USIA Techniflex is built out of our revolutionary Techniflex fabric, which allows for extreme comfort not found in traditional shell dry suits. Standard with hard or soft sole rubber boots, additional 1000 Denier Cordura knee, seat, wrist, and boot protection, and a zipper-over-zipper protection design on our front entry version, the Techniflex is also one of the toughest, most durable dry suits on the market. Available in a rear entry, diagonal front entry, and a wraparound horizontal front entry, the Techniflex fabric comes in black only, but you have a choice of many various colors and patterns as an overlay. Click for more on Techniflex

What customers say about Techniflex: “This is a very well made suit with a fabric that has a slight flex to it. Material quality and construction would put this suit up with some of the 3000 dollar suits out there. Amazing product for the money.”

“Just received my drysuit this week and finally got it in the water today and have nothing but good things to say about it. Top notch construction and quality, price can’t be beat for a custom suit and DRIS (Dive Right In Scuba) kept me in the loop with an email every week letting me know where they were at with its construction.”

Aqua Deluxe
Built from a lighter 200 Denier series nylon that allows for excellent mobility and comfort, the USIA Aqua Deluxe is the perfect suit for traditional sport divers. It also has 1000 Denier Cordura leg, seat, wrist, boot, and zipper covers that make the suit extremely durable in key areas. We use Si Tech™ low profile exhaust valves and rotating inflation valves. The USIA Aqua Deluxe comes standard in a diagonal front entry design and is built with integrated hard or soft sole rubber boots. Click for more on the USIA Aqua Deluxe

Actual Customer Review of Aqua Deluxe: “This is my second USIA Drysuit I have purchased…and is built extremely well. A great middle of the line suit keeps me dry and warm even in 35 degree water with a 200g thermal…I look forward to purchasing two more USIA Drysuit’s next year for my wife and I to have as backups.”

Aqua Pro Plus
With high tenacity 400 Denier series nylon and 1000 Denier Cordura overlays on the shoulders, stomach, arms, thigh, seat, wrist and boot wraps, the USIA Aqua Pro Plus is highly rugged, industrial quality dry suit specially built for extreme conditions. The Aqua Pro Plus comes standard with your choice of attached soft or hard sole rubber boots. Also included are adjustable internal suspenders. Available in a rear entry, diagonal front entry, and a wraparound horizontal front entry, the suit can be upgraded to our Techniflex fabric. Click for more on Aqua Pro Plus.

Aqua Sport
Highly efficient and affordable, the USIA Aqua Sport is the dry suit of choice for many dive store rental departments. Built out of 200 Denier series nylon with 1000 Denier Cordura thigh protectors, USIA Aqua Sport is highly durable and has excellent reviews from customers for its attractive design and very affordable price. The suit comes standard with latex socks and is available in a rear or diagonal front entry design. This suit is only available in stock sizes. Click for more on Aqua Sport.

Customer Reviews for Aqua Sport: ”This suit is paper thin and very light. It dives as well as some of the most expensive suits but may need a little care to last as long as the higher end suits. If you are learning to dive or would like to buy a suit for those occasional dry dives then this is a great buy. This is also very good for people who air travel because this suit is paper light.”

“Great dry suit option on the budget end of the price scale. Very good build quality for the $ and also extremely well fitting (even without the custom cut options).”

“This suit is AWESOME! I got it yesterday and took it out for a dive today. I did a lot of research because I wanted a drysuit I could spearfish in. The valve on the chest is far enough out of the way that I can still load my gun comfortably. I am 5″10″ 260lbs and bought the 2xl short and it fit like a glove. The wrist seals were perfect and I only had to trim 3 circle on the neck. I was worried that the neck seal would feel like it was strangling me, but the rubber on the seal is so soft you can barely feel it. This suit is made out of great material and is very sturdy but still light. Water temp was 58 and it was great to be warm and dry. With good maintenance this suit will be as good as any expensive suit on the market and it is extremely comfortable. Get a good undergarment and drysocks and you will LOVE this suit. Now I know why people that go drysuits never go back. Don’t shop anymore, buy this suit!”


Reviews courtesy of Dive Right In Scuba

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