And They Lived 2: Outdoor Sports Close Calls

For most of us outdoor sports fanatics, safety is the first priority. Always. Scuba divers know all about being safe, from maintaining our equipment to strictly following dive profiles to being a good dive buddy. Hunters also learn about gun safety and proper technique. Fishermen also have many considerations to keep in mind from wearing life jackets on the boat to knowing how and where to cast so they don’t hook someone else or themselves. It doesn’t matter what the sport, we always learn safety first. However, no matter how much we plan, no matter how cautious we are, things go astray. Here are some examples of outdoor sports close calls.


How an Italian Boy Survived 42 Minutes Underwater

Reading the headline of this story is shocking enough. 42 minutes! That has to be a mistake. However, read the article. It is real. Also, the boy in this story is not the only one to survive being submerged for such a long duration of time. He’s just one of the latest. Doctors don’t know exactly why or how, but they think humans can survive this because of many biological factors, one of which is called the mammalian dive reflex. Read more here.


Hunter narrowly dodges death, leaps from tree stand to escape helicopter tree trimmer

Okay, the big news out of all this is that they actually prune trees using helicopters. Pretty darn cool. But not cool if you are an unwitting hunter sitting in a tree stand. That’s was the exact predicament Darren “Andy” Royalty found himself in during a 2013 hunting trip. More here.


Diver survives great white breaking into his shark cage


We couldn’t rightly write a blog post about narrow death escapes without including one of the most viral of them all. In 2016, in Mexico, an adventurous man was partaking in a shark cage dive when the unthinkable happened. A humongous Great White Shark somehow managed to slip into the cage. The few seconds that followed seemed like an eternity, as the shark thrashed about, whipping up the white water, and as the diver was nowhere to be seen. Read more.


Kayaker escapes fast-forming lightning storm by furiously paddling to shore

Somewhere along the line, someone surely told you that water and electricity are a deadly combo. That thought must have been running like Usain Bolt through Erik Walasek’s mind in August of 2015. The Florida kayaker was out for a relaxing day on the water when he noticed some severely black clouds heading his way. Watching the video, you can’t help but root for the guy to outrun (or out paddle) the storm.  Read more here.


Fisherman narrowly escapes death after being impaled by spear in horrific accident

Warning: the pictures on this webpage are graphic and may be distressing to the young or faint of heart. Baatr Dalantaev, reportedly a Russian fisherman, was obviously the victim of some horrific accident involving a large spear. No indication as to how or why, but the pictures speak volumes. Read more.

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