The Secret Lives of Sea Animals

It’s a wild world out there, and the wilder it is, the wilder it gets. Wild animals can be quite unpredictable. Sure, we think we know a lot about them, but it seems every day something new is learned and we have to rethink the way we see the denizens of the deep. Sometimes when we hear something about an animal, we have to stop and say, “no way.” But I’m here to tell you, yes, sea life can engage in some pretty strange behavior. So without further ado, let’s look at some of the secret lives of sea animals.


Dolphins ‘deliberately get high’ on puffer fish

Mother Nature Network

Did you know that human beings are not the only ones in the animal kingdom who actively and purposely seek altered states of consciousness? It sounds crazy, but there are many known cases of wildlife getting high. Wallabies on opium, elephants and the Marula tree, reindeer and magic mushrooms, and bighorn sheep eating narcotic lichen are just a few examples. And representing sea life is the venerable dolphin. That’s right, the iconic sea mammal with the innocent smile and the playful attitude is a junky! Click for more…


Killer Whales Play With Their Food

The next time you want to take your kids out on an innocent whale watching excursion, consider this: Killer Whales are, well, killers. They are very much carnivorous and quite often can be seen engaging in a behavior that, if attributed to humans, could be called playing with their food. For whatever reason (stunning or tenderizing or both) Orcas can be undeniably cruel to their prey. Throwing or punting a seal or a baby sea lion upwards of 80 feet into the air seems to be one of their favorite pastimes. Read more here…


The Secret, Colorful And Dramatic Lives Of Octopuses Uncovered

In one of our previous blog posts, we detail some of the incredible things an octopus can do. They are highly intelligent, curious, playful and amazingly adept at camouflage. We already knew that they can change color to suit their environment, but did you know that change color to suit their mood as well? In some dramatic video footage, these octopuses can be seen changing colors dramatically as they are fighting with each other. Interesting to see the color alteration in relation to the fighting technique. Watch the video here…


Penguins Feed On Jellyfish With Prominent Sex Organs

heryl Ramalho/WWF/PA

Saved the best for last. Ok, maybe not the best but certainly the strangest. It seems Adelie penguins in the Antarctic are targeting well-endowed sea jellies for nourishment instead of their staple diet of krill. The strange thing is this is happening even with an abundance of krill available. Researchers seem to think that it has to do with the fact that the sex organs of the sea jellies have a much higher protein and carbon levels than any other part of the creature. I think that it is much more simplistic: the penguins simply think the sea jelly’ junk tastes great. Like a delicacy. Like Rocky Mountain oysters. Read more…

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