Since 1987, USIA has provided dry suits, dry gear, specialized combat suits and equipment, and specialized equipment bags designed to operate in the most extreme austere environments. USIA is synonymous with quality. All of the products are tested individually and come with a lifetime warranty. We design, develop, create, and supply specialized custom dry gear combined with training & services for the most demanding professions, environments, and users by providing the highest quality products and services possible, knowing their lives depend on it.

factory.jpgThe USIA headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Oregon. The facility includes administrative offices, shipping, production area, testing and quality assurance department, research and development department, and a training compound.

Our dry suits, waders, dry bags, and thermal protective undergarments are the result of many years of extensive design and development. The USIA dive team has conducted hundreds of dives in every kind of environment and under extreme conditions. Almost every branch of the U.S. Military has purchased our dry suits. Most of these groups have re-ordered from us due to the versatility and durability of our dry gear.

The cornerstone of USIA is its people. Craftsman with over three decades of experience, doctoral level researchers & advisors, prior special operators...All form the USIA team.

2018-2019 represented a year of transition with investment into the company’s manufacturing equipment, updating process, incorporating LEAN principles, and the addition of related training offerings. Now, in 2020, USIA moves into its next evolution by offering products and training that are truly unique and second to none.

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St. Helens, OR 97051
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