4th Sep 2019

​ Why Our Waders Stand Above the Rest

Chris Calhoun in USIA Waders

Look around and you’ll find all kinds of waders made by all kinds of wader companies. Bootfoot. Breathables. Bag style. Chest or hip or bibs. The choices are as extensive as your imagination. And, just as there are countless wader brands, there are also countless claims of durability and function. Wader X will last you years of use. Wader Y will be the most comfortable you will ever wear. While you can never be trustful of marketing gimmicks, you can be a savvy shopper and do your due diligence when it comes to making your wader purchase. We at USIA feel our waders stand above the rest. Here’s why:

Made In The USA

This might not be an important detail for some, but for most American outdoor sportsmen, this is a make or breaker. People who care know that buying a product made in the USA helps our country in so many ways. American jobs are created, good paying jobs that allow people to raise families. The money spent in America stays in America, circulating the money supply for more domestic investing. You may not think of this benefit, but keeping things local reduces the shipping, thereby reducing the amount of fossil fuels burned in the process. We all love conservation, don’t we?


The people that build your USIA Waders are professionals who embrace a certain amount of pride in their skills. They aren’t just employees working for a paycheck. We are all outdoor enthusiasts, all focused on the success of our company, and all invested in the quality of our Waders. Most people in the USIA family have been with us for many years, and plan to be with us for many more. When you have that sort of pride in your work, you tend to put out a superior product.


Most waders you find online or in the sporting goods store are as is. You get what you see. Stock sizes and stock accessories. Maybe you didn’t want the D-rings, or you wanted plastic ones instead of aluminum. Maybe you didn’t want the company logo. Maybe you wanted a shotgun shell holder or a more waterproof pocket. With as is waders, you have no or limited choices. With USIA Waders, you have literally hundreds of possible combinations of color, footwear options, pockets, and other accessories to choose from. The only limits are your imagination.

We Repair

Got a call from a prospective Waders customer the other day. Said he had been looking high and low for a pair of waders that would last him more than one season. He was a little distressed about how his neoprene waders have been developing holes and his DIY repairs have been adequate but he knew he needed a more permanent solution. I was straight with him. Even the most bomb-proof waders will develop leaks over time. Ours is no exception. But our repair services are second to none, and when he found out how inexpensive it is to repair our Waders, he was sold. While we don’t like to see our Waders in for repairs, the reality is that stuff happens. Because of that, we offer full repair services for very reasonable prices.