Posted by JJ Wright on 29th Mar 2019

How to Order Custom Made Waders Online

How to Order Custom Made Waders OnlineAre you big and tall? Short and small? Odd sized or uniquely shaped? I bet you have had a hard time finding chest waders that fit correctly, right? Several year …

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Posted by JJ Wright on 15th Mar 2017

SCUBA: The Ultimate Wearable Tech Sport

When it comes to wearable tech, the first thing that comes to mind for many of us are those ubiquitous health trackers. Fitbits and the knockoffs are saturating the exercise markets (whether they …

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Posted by JJ Wright on 10th May 2016

Big and Tall Custom Waders? Yep, We Do That

Got a call yesterday from a new customer, said he had a few questions about our waders. He lamented about how he had been searching and searching for a manufacturer who made waders for a man his s …

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14th Jul 2014

Fishing the Famous Buoy 10

It’s usually non-stop action for Salmon all year long in the Pacific Northwest, but the finest fishing is without a doubt at Buoy 10. Just two hours northwest of Portland, at the mouth of the Colu …

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Posted by JJ Wright on 8th Apr 2014

What makes a GREAT fishing locale?

Fishing holes. We all have our favorites. It may be where you caught your first steelhead on a dry fly. Or where the ‘Big One’ got away and you’re sure he’s still lurking down there…somewhere. No ma …

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