Posted by JJ Wright on 10th May 2016

Big and Tall Custom Waders? Yep, We Do That

Got a call yesterday from a new customer, said he had a few questions about our waders. He lamented about how he had been searching and searching for a manufacturer who made waders for a man his size. You see, he’s six foot ten and weighs three hundred and fifty pounds. A big guy! The biggest problem for a big guy like him who loves the great outdoors is that nobody offers waders that will fit him. And with a 19 size foot, good luck in finding those! One company even told him they just couldn’t help him. He was desperate. He was frustrated. He was about to give up. Then he found USIA.

We Do Big and Tall Waders
It seems like a no-brainer, but oversized waders are something every outdoor apparel manufacturer should make. Let’s face it, not every sportsman is svelte. Many hunters and fishers are what you might call gravity-challenged. It’s a simple fact of life. The human body is changing. People are bigger these days, but that doesn’t mean they have to lead sedentary lifestyles. We at USIA have met numerous larger people (men and women) who enjoy outdoor sports just as much as the next guy. We believe these people are being discriminated against by the other wader manufacturers.

A Little History About USIA Waders
USIA started out primarily as a dry suit provider for military and public safety agencies. We supply Navy Seals and similar groups with gear specifically designed to perform in combat and high stress situations. As such, our dry suits have to be bomb proof. When our fearless leader, Captain Kujo, embarked on making waders for his fishing buddies a few years back, he had no idea they would be as popular as they are now.

How To Order USIA Custom Waders
Simple! Just go to this page for starters. There you will find tips on how to order. The most important part is measuring yourself and figuring out all the options you want (color, footwear, pockets etc.). In the past, we had a section where you could enter your measurements and order straight from our website. However, and this might be why most other companies have given up offering custom waders, because of the massive amount of options and the difficulty in pricing them all accurately, we have gone to phone orders. Don’t panic. Our sales representative, Mandi, will happily guide you through the ordering process to ensure you get the waders you’ve always been wanting but didn’t know you could have. Call her—1-800-247-8070.

I’d like to stress again how important it is to measure yourself accurately. Make sure to wear the undergarments you plan on wearing normally when you measure. Don’t measure nude. And be sure to have someone else help you take your measurements. Also, before you call, have all your decisions made. Of course if you have questions, we’ll be more than happy to answer them. The most important thing is that you finally have somewhere to buy big and tall waders…USIA!

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