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The techniflex advantage

We get it. Hunters and fishers and divers want it all. You want comfort. You want waterproof. You want warm. You want durable. And you want all of that at a great price. While no single item can be everything to every sports enthusiast, we at USIA believe we have a superior material that combines both comfort and durability in a way that creates some special sportswear.

It’s our Techniflex material. What makes it so unique? Well, we at USIA have been manufacturing diving drysuits for over 30 years. In that time we have seen many different kinds of materials come and go. We have also gained an inordinate amount of operational knowledge about how different materials perform under different conditions.Given all of that, we have come to the conclusion, despite the trend toward newer, more trendy materials, that polyurethane coated pack cloth (nylon) is the only solution when it comes to making sports apparel that will stand up to the test of time.

In the early 2000’s, USIA engineers and designers began searching for an upgrade in our traditional bilaminate nylon coated cloth. We had been manufacturing military grade drysuits and dry bags for two decades, and it was time for a more modern material that still stood up to the rigors of military use. The added side benefit would be a stronger, more user-friendly material for our civilian sport customers. The result of our search was Techniflex, a polyester modified pique.

Techniflex is by far the best material we can find for drysuits and waders.

Why is techniflex superior?

Techniflex Features:

  • Strongly Laminated
  • Stretch Fabric
  • Non-Insulated
  • Black Only
  • High Degree of Durability

The first thing you will notice when feeling the fabric in comparison to our original pack cloth is the suppleness. It’s softer and much less noisy, which is a complaint some people have about our original cloth. The Techniflex is not exactly like elastic. It does not have the same stretch factor as 100% elastic, and it doesn’t need to. Just a small amount of stretch give you that extra room to maneuver, which can be crucial when you’re reaching for that safety knife, or when you’re placing dozens of decoys in the marsh. The way we describe it to customers is that when you climb into a USIA garment made of Techniflex, it feels like you’ve been wearing the item for years. Like it’s already been broken in for you.

Our Scuba customers already know the benefits of Techniflex material. We’ve been making and selling the Techniflex Drysuit for several years now, and it has easily become our most popular offering for divers. If you are considering the purchase of a new drysuit or sport waders, then choose Techniflex. You won’t regret it.


Only at USIA

USIA has an exclusivity arrangement with the fabric’s manufacturer, which means we are the only drysuit and wader maker who uses Techniflex. That means USIA is the only sports gear maker where you can get the comfort, durability, and waterproofing capabilities of Techniflex.