16th Oct 2019

How Tight Should Waders Fit?

How Tight Should Waders Fit?

Measuring for USIA Waders

At USIA, we get the question all the time: how tight do our waders fit? If you are accustomed to neoprene waders, then you know they usually fit like a glove. That’s because the air layer inside needs to be kept small so the thermal properties are as efficient as possible. With USIA waders, it’s a completely different ballgame. Our experienced designers, leveraging the years of expertise they have developed building diving drysuits for the military, have perfected the fitting process. In short, we know how weather changes affect your hunt and we make our waders with that in mind.

As the leaves transform to their orange and yellow hues and the autumn winds chill the air, hunters engage in the yearly ritual, layering up for warmth and comfort. Seasoned hunters know on some days, especially in early fall, the temperatures can fluctuate many degrees. Morning hours are brisk and afternoons can get steamy. By coordinating with the appropriate styles of undergarments, you can stay dry and comfortable for the duration of the hunt, making the day much more enjoyable and fruitful.

USIA Thermolux Undergarment

As a side note, USIA offers many different levels of thermal protective wear. Our Exotherm products are perfect for light to medium warmth needs, and our Thermolux offers maximum protection against the cold. All of our fleece thermal wear products provide excellent wicking properties. This is important since there are times when moisture management is essential. We know because we get that question all the time as well: My waders aren’t leaking, so why am I wet? Condensation and perspiration is the answer. Even if your waders have no holes or other areas where water can penetrate, moisture can be an issue. That’s the reason why USIA waders are made with a little extra room inside.

When you measure yourself for USIA waders, make sure to keep the above statement in mind. We allow room for layering, so don’t add anything to your measurements. We want true measurements in all metrics. If you are thinking you might need more room for a big jacket or maybe even two big jackets (we have customers who break through the ice to hunt) then special considerations might need to be made. In that case, contact us and we’ll make the necessary adjustments. Our goal is to make sure your hunting or fishing trip day is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Nothing ruins your day faster than being cold or wet. In USIA waders, that won’t happen.

Bottom line: USIA waders will fit you exactly the way they should (when you are measured properly). They will be snug where they should be snug, and loose where they should be loose. Your core area will have plenty of room to add those layers of fleece undergarments or down lined jackets or whatever you feel works best for you. Questions? Please feel free to contact us at 800-247-8070. We stand behind our products with best in class customer service.