16th Oct 2019

How Tight Should Waders Fit?

How Tight Should Waders Fit?At USIA, we get the question all the time: how tight do our waders fit? If you are accustomed to neoprene waders, then you know they usually fit like a glove. That’s beca …

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4th Sep 2019

​ Why Our Waders Stand Above the Rest

Look around and you’ll find all kinds of waders made by all kinds of wader companies. Bootfoot. Breathables. Bag style. Chest or hip or bibs. The choices are as extensive as your imagination. And, j …

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Posted by JJ Wright on 29th Mar 2019

How to Order Custom Made Waders Online

How to Order Custom Made Waders OnlineAre you big and tall? Short and small? Odd sized or uniquely shaped? I bet you have had a hard time finding chest waders that fit correctly, right? Several year …

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Posted by JJ Wright on 10th May 2016

Big and Tall Custom Waders? Yep, We Do That

Got a call yesterday from a new customer, said he had a few questions about our waders. He lamented about how he had been searching and searching for a manufacturer who made waders for a man his s …

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