Posted by JJ Wright on 16th Aug 2019

USIA ProStaff Mike Callain Wins Washington Calling Contest

Mike Callain

At USIA, we sure are darn proud of our ProStaff. As makers of the best, most durable waterproof and water resistant gear in the world (sorry, we're biased) we seek out the cream of the crop in the worlds of fishing, waterfowling, and scuba in order to stress test and promote our brand. Mike Callain is the perfect example of our ongoing efforts to partner with the best of the best. Hailing from the great state of Idaho, Mike is an avid waterfowler as well as a world-class photographer.

Over the weekend of August 3rd, when most people were relaxing and taking time off, Mike was competing against some stiff competition in the Washington State Duck and Goose Calling Championships. Okay, he wasn't just competing, he was crushing it. At the end of the day, he walked away with the hardware: first place in two categories! I had a chance to ask Mike a few questions about the day. Let's read about it in his own words.

What were the categories you won?

I won the Washington State Sanctioned Duck and Washington State Open Goose calling contest.

Mike Callain

What was the competition like?

The other guys competing were really good! The scores were only separated by a few points through the entire contest.

How long have you been into calling?

I have been competitively calling since 2006.

Why did you get into calling?

Hunting ducks and geese with my cousins drove me into calling. It was (and still is) the best part of the hunt. Watching birds reactions and controlling them with a call till they are on the ground still sparks the same rush it did when I was a kid.

Mike Callain

Favorite duck/goose call brand/style?

I work for Bill Saunders Calls & Gear. We build some of the best goose and duck calls available. My competition calls are our The Ticket for main street duck and our new Big Spin goose call. The two calls that never leave my lanyard during hunting season are the Traffic and the Fox.

How can beginners get as good as you?

Practice! Lots of it. When I first started calling there was very little access to instructional tutorials. I had a few cassette tapes and VHS videos I wore out trying to learn the finer points of calling. There is a ton of free informational videos available online now. Most good callers are willing to lend a hand and ear, always feel free to contact me for help anytime!

Where do you go from here?

I will take a few days off from guiding and work to head to World’s Championship in Stuttgart Arkansas on Thanksgiving weekend.

Congrats to you, Mike! Go get 'em at World's!!