What makes a GREAT fishing locale?

Posted by JJ Wright on 8th Apr 2014

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Fishing holes. We all have our favorites. It may be where you caught your first steelhead on a dry fly. Or where the ‘Big One’ got away and you’re sure he’s still lurking down there…somewhere. No matter where your preferred spot to cast your line is, it probably has things in common with some of the best fishing locales in the world. But just what makes a fishing hole great? Here are a few factors:

  • 1.Choices. Places that offer different kinds of fishing and different kinds of fish. Shore and boat fishing. Spear fishing and netting. Many species and varieties of fish. These places are rare, and you might have one like this in mind. One such locale is Costa Rica, which offers crevalle jack, mackerel, tarpon, and tripletail on the east coast while offering tuna and wahoo on the west.
  • 2.Geography. Locations with many diverse holes. Mangroves, hidden lagoons, places with lots of bottom structures. A variety of physical formations and natural factors are also desired. Rock outcroppings and seamounts. Favorable currents and weather. These are all factors to consider when searching for a great fishing locale. Ascension Bay, Mexico, on the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, offers some of the world’s most favorable geography for fishing.
  • 3.Low Competition. All fishermen know just how crowded the waterways are becoming, and the competition for fish is increasing every day. For that reason, some of the best fishing is off the beaten path, in undiscovered places where there is little development and the sport is allowed but just getting started. Fishers can spread out and not bother each other while looking for those elusive fish. There might be a spot like that near your neck of the woods, but if you have the means, Phuket, Thailand is a perfect fishing destination for those looking to be the only one with a line in the water for miles.
  • 4.Fighting Fish. Places that offer challenging and adrenaline-inducing experiences like going for Peacock Bass in the Amazon in Brazil, or Victoria, Australia where bronze whaler, school shark, thresher, great hammerhead, seven gill, and other sharks can be had. And if it’s game sport fishing you crave, there’s always marlin in Mexico, South Africa, and Kona, Hawaii.
  • 5.R and R. Places where it’s quiet and the fishing is relaxed. Unless you are a total adrenaline junkie, you are most likely out there for a reduction in your tension level. We go fishing for the fresh air, the exercise, and for an escape from the daily stressors that can bring many of us down. Western Montana is the ideal destination for such a retreat from life. It has 59 thousand miles of rivers and streams for flyfishing. On the ocean, you want a place that offers calm seas and moderate temperatures. Bimini, Bahamas is a fishing destination that can be as relaxed or as intense as you want.
  • 6.Fish! No matter how diverse the species or how favorable the geography and weather…no matter how low the competition or relaxed the fishing, there’s one thing that all good fishing locales have in common—fish! You could be all alone in the perfect current and not a cloud in the sky nestled in your private little hole, but if there are no fish, what good is it? So, in all actuality, if all else fails and no other condition on this list can be met, the place where the fish are biting is the best!