Exotherm 3

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3.00 LBS

A thermal base layer designed and constructed for optimal compatibility with USIA Drysuits, the Exotherm 3 is a triple layer garment made of 16oz. fleece with a wind barrier and water resistant outer shell. The addition of a 4oz lining of Themolite greatly increases the dead air insulating layer of this undergarment. Thermolite is made of polyolefin micro fibers and provides a greater thermal barrier than other thin insulations. The garment is engineered to “wick” moisture away from your skin. When skin comes in contact with water, heat is drawn our at a rate of up to 25 times faster than dry skin. Staying dry will keep you warmer.

Features: Elastic thumb loops and stirrups. 2 outer pockets. 1 inner pocket. Stretch panel in back of suit to allow greater flexibility.

Colors: Features colored top with black bottoms and colored leg panel.

Recommended for diving in temperate climate with air temperature from 65 degrees F to 35 degrees F and water temperature from 55 degrees F to 40 degrees F.

This item is made to order. Turnaround time approximately 4-6 weeks.