Exotherm II - Med. - Factory Overrun

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Great Deal on Factory Overrun Thermal Wear!

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A thermal base layer designed and constructed for optimal compatibility with USIA Drysuits, the Exotherm II is a double layer garment made of 16oz. fleece with a wind barrier and water resistant outer shell. Provides maximum protection and comfort in or out of your dry suit. The garment is engineered to “wick” moisture away from your skin. When skin comes in contact with water, heat is drawn our at a rate of up to 25% faster than dry skin. Staying dry will keep you warmer.

Recommended for diving in temperate climate with air temperature from 90 degrees F to 50 degrees F and water temperature from 75 degrees F to 55 degrees F.

Features: Elastic thumb loops and stirrups. 2 outer pockets. 1 inner pocket. Stretch panel in back of suit to allow greater flexibility.

Size: Medium

Colors: Black.