MR1 Low Risk Milliken LVL 1 Gown

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Motivated to alleviate personal protective equipment shortages, USiA has developed this gown with the guidance of working medical professionals. This gown is a multiple use, washable solution to everyday protection in low risk situations. This gown provides a comfortable and practical barrier for professionals that necessitate workable protection. 

About this item: 

This gown, made of Milliken BioSmart, is impervious to 99.9% of common bacteria and viruses*. Our MR1 gown offers comfortable and preventative protection.

Use Environment: Low risk medical care, Dentistry, Extended care facilities, Esthetician facilities

  • - Milliken patented textile technology binds chlorine to the fabric surface
  • - Technology recharges after every wash with EPA registered chlorine bleach
  • - Chlorine bleach kills 99.9%* of many common bacteria and viruses
  • - Durable through a minimum of 75 industrial and home washes
  • - Material passed ISO skin irritation testing and skin sensitization testing
  • - Serged seams
  • - Bound ties originating at front center of waist
  • - Knit cuffs
  • - Color: Blue

Milliken’s BioSmart fabric makes it simple and practical to integrate anti-microbial  protection into the most common medical garments and products. The patented,  bleach-activated technology harnesses the proven power of readily-available chlorine  bleach to kill 99.9%* of bacteria and viruses. Advanced molecular engineering binds  chlorine to fibers to turn otherwise passive textiles into one more layer of active  defense against inadvertent microbial exposure, contamination and infection.

* When washed according to the EPA registered care label instructions. Tested in laboratory conditions using AATCC 100  test method. Do not use color safe bleach.

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