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The Mass Suit System is used as a combat suit in maritime, terrestrial, airborne, ship board, & transitional environments. Durable F/field use & built to rigid specifications. This suit is our ultimate combat system. SPECS: Self-donning dry suit, breathable waterproof fabric designed to keep the user comfortable while providing the greatest degree of water vapor management, equipped W/military grade air/gas/water-tight entry & relief zippers, boot & wrist protectors, & two cargo pockets. All latex seals carry a C-1 zone resistance rating & an F-1 low temperature rating. USiA specializes in high performance/specially customized dry gear. Items’ performance rely on their being perfectly fitted to your needs/exact specs. F/inquiries on detailsor accessories contact us at sales@usia.com or 503-366-0212. We’ll help you find the products right F/your needs. We can make any changes/accomodations or develop new products F/you.


UPC/ISBN/GTIN: 00723503804165
MAS Schedule/SIN: MAS/339113PA

Dry gear for the recreational expert