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Includes 5 masks. Motivated to alleviate personal protective equipment shortages, USiA has developed this mask with the guidance of working medical professionals. A multiple use, washable solution to everyday protection in low risk situations. Provides a comfortable and practical barrier for professionals that necessitate workable protection. Made of Milliken BioSmart, impervious to 99.9% of common bacteria and viruses*. Our MR2 mask offers comfortable and preventative protection. Mask retains its efficacy even with washes. Milliken patented textile technology binds chlorine to the fabric surface, technology recharges after every wash with EPA registered chlorine bleach, chlorine bleach kills 99.9%* of many common bacteria and viruses, durable through a minimum of 75 industrial and home washes, material passed ISO skin irritation testing and skin sensitization testing, serged seams. Use Environment: Low risk medical care, Dentistry, Extended care facilities, Esthetician facilities.


UPC/ISBN/GTIN: 00723503804721
MAS Schedule/SIN: MAS/332216

Dry gear for the recreational expert