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Our Jet Deck minus the sleeves. This is a practical modification for combat gear setups and applications with an already bulky suit system. The Tactical Poncho is an added layer of protection and can be used when gear is removed without being overlylarge. This is our Cadillac model with Nomex waterproof fabric in the inner lining and outer shell but can be substituted with non Nomex fleece and shell if less protection is necessitated. USiA specializes in high performance and specially customized dry gear. Our items’ performance rely on their being perfectly fitted to your needs and exacting specifications. For inquiries on item details such as color, size, customizations, or accessories we are always available at sales@usia.com or 503-366-0212. We can best help you to find the exact products right for your needs. We most often can make any changes and accomodations you request and often develop new products for customers.


UPC/ISBN/GTIN: 00723503804387
MAS Schedule/SIN: MAS/339113PA

Dry gear for the recreational expert