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Our Wader is our bread and butter; honed and designed by inumerable tactical and civilian professionals over the years they are perfect for any application in which your tail needs to stay dry while the rest is free and easy. SPECS: comes standard with one chest pocket and attached fabric or latex sock. Farmer John style. USiA specializes in high performance and specially customized dry gear. Our items’ performance rely on their being perfectly fitted to your needs and exacting specifications. For inquiries on item details such as color, size, customizations, or accessories we are always available at sales@usia.com or 503-366-0212. We can best help you to find the exact products right for your needs. We most often can make any changes and accomodations you request and often develop new products for customers.


UPC/ISBN/GTIN: 00723503804394
MAS Schedule/SIN: MAS/339113PA

Dry gear for the recreational expert