Our Customer Stories


At USIA, we have a loyal customer base, and it's growing everyday. We like to think of ourselves as a family company, and because we love our customers, when you purchase a USIA product, you become one of the family. That said, here are some members of the USIA family, some pictures of what they bought from us, and a little on what they've been doing while rocking our gear.


dsc-0521.jpgI am super critical and picky about my gear, decoys, guns, etc and I found very few things I didn’t like about these waders! I crossed barb wire, Russian olives and other sharp snaggy compromising places. Went swimming once, not by choice... wasn’t the best at putting them on the boot dryer every night. Other than my feet I was never cold and typically only wore a heavy layer of under armour, a hoodie and wader pants. I can absolutely say these are the toughest waders available. Many of my clients and buddies were very interested in them and I hope a few of them went your way!

~Mike Callian



It was 5 degrees at the boat launch yesterday morning. Cold enough to have lots of large ice chunks floating down the river. Then the snow started to dump on us. So all morning these awesome waders were breaking ice and brush with no problems. Then they had to deal with the snow and ice and getting in and out of the boat all day. My waders were completely frozen solid but never faltered and kept performing. I’ll say it every time I talk you guys down there but these waders are next to none the best wader ever built, there’s no doubt in my mind your company will take over the waterfowl wader industry. I am spreading the word like wild fire and sending you as much business as I can. In the off season I will have 3 to 4 more friends coming down to get waders built for them. Everyone I’ve hunted with season is very impressed on how these waders are holding up because I’m very hard on gear. And all my friends I hunt with are all trying different waders from other companies and all other waders have failed this season and are leaking and are not performing. Anyway I snapped a pic yesterday of the hunt when we were done, it was snowing very hard so it’s hard to see what we killed. But if made for a cool pic of being in elements with these waders that just keep standing up to whatever I throw at them. You guys have a great rest of your day down there and week and we will be in touch as the season comes to an end. Once again thank you so much for making a great quality product.

~Isaac Tait



Just finished the first season in my USIA waders. I love them. Hunted hard in them 4-5 days a week and they held up to everything I put them through. I went through flooded timber, mud flats, briar patches, stump fields, cypress brakes, and everything in between in crazy Louisiana temperatures that ranged from 15 to 80 degrees and I was comfortable every day. Thank you guys for making such a quality product. I will be spreading the word to as many people as possible.” ~Justin Hallmark

Glad we could be there with you every crazy step of the way, Justin!



The attached picture shows me standing in (on) a stream in Southeast Alaska in February after installing gauge equipment. The temperature was approximately 2 degrees Fahrenheit, with a 15 knot wind (gloves were off only for a minute). The wader facing material froze solid as I would exit the water but continued to keep me dry. Under these conditions, failure is not an option.
If you are in need of product field testing under extreme conditions please consider utilizing our team in the future. Thank you for creating a locally produced, high quality product.
Best regards,

Jim Brown | Associate
ENVIRON International Corporation

Thanks, Jim. Seeing you standing there in the ice warms our hearts.

Dan Boivin, Michigan

josh-ditch.jpgJosh Ditch, Missouri

waterskiaz19.jpgThought you might like a pic of Emily and I trying out our fancy new drysuits! (this was in AZ a few mos ago- 1 st wear!).  We need to get Lisa out so we can get a pic of all 3 of us together here in Seattle!  Thanks for keeping us ladies stylin’!  ~Janis Rabuchin


The Suits are absolutely amazing, we love them.  They kept us nice and warm and dry all winter long.  We'll be back in them again in October and I'll send you more pictures.  Thank you so much for helping me with my order.  My husband had only ever owned OS Systems suits, and now is in love with USIA's quality and durability.  We're big fans.  ~Lynae Newby


Anticipation was running on high when I saw the Fed-Ex truck turn down my driveway--my new USIA waders were on the way and I was sure this was them----however, when the driver handed me the box I couldn't believe that this light weight box had a set of waders in it--but it did--my first look at the waders showed a very high standard of quality from top to bottom--it seems that each year about this time I'm looking for a set of waders  to replace the set I just used through duck season--for the last 5 or 6 years I seem to have tried all the top brands--only to be disappointed with leaks and poor quality control(made in china)--this last duck season I tried the new Sitka zip waders--I used them for 70 plus trips on the river--a river where everything that grows tries to rip holes in you and your waders--by the end of the season my feet were getting more than just a little damp--Sitka repaired the leaks and they are ready to go again--that being said they are fragile in some places and looking at the new USIA waders--I see nothing fragile about them--had I known about these I would have bought them first--they are very flexible and easy to walk in--nothing stiff like I thought them to be--the bogs boots have the most aggressive tread on them that I have seen on a set of waders--I put them on and walked down to the river and did everything but swim in them--they felt very comfortable and were easy to move around in--only time will tell this next season as to how they perform--I believe my search for a great set of waders is over and this time next year I will be looking for something other than waders to buy--thanks USIA for a for a great product--and warranty--and I saved the best for last--they are made here in the USA  ~Mark Rose

We're happy you found us, Mark. Here's to a long and productive relationship!


Outstanding waders!!–The first thing I noticed about these waders are the extremely high quality materials and excellent craftsmanship…No cutting corners on materials…I’m a big guy at 6’8″ and 270#’s and…I found I fit into the XL long perfectly…The Bogs boots are EXTREMELY comfortable. Much more so than any other wader boots I’ve had on my feet. The waders come up higher on the chest than other waders I’ve owned do. Which allowed me to venture into deeper water to set and retrieve decoys. The waders are un-insulated…As the weather continues to get colder I’m sure proper layering will keep me nice and toasty. I’ve only used these in the field once so far and have a long season ahead to give them a proper test. But so far, I’m VERY impressed with these waders. ~Derek

That’s right, Derek. Even big guys like you can get a quality pair of waders!

Eats simms for breakfast–Really tough waders, just awesome. I actually intended to get the t zipper but selected the relief zipper, so now I pee awesomeness since I don’t have to take my pack or any other gear off to answers nature’s call. USIA I love you! ~ Ryan Brown

Ryan, you just made me laugh so hard I coughed up a lung!

Tough, mobile, and not heavy–Not much more needs to be said. Would be nice to have a long warranty on the entire product rather than just the seams.

Thanks for the glowing review. BTW, we offer a warranty against factory defects but we can’t repair normal wear and tear for free.

Just finished 5-6 days of wearing my new waders [custom]–Best damn waders I have ever wore in 35yrs. QUESTION -can you make me a pair of Hip waders??? THANKS” ~ Dennis Hartle

We understand your enthusiasm, Dennis. But do you have to curse? Just kidding! Thank you, too! I’ll talk to the boss about the hip waders.

These are easily the most rugged waders I have ever seen! I have no doubts they will last many many years! ~Garand, from duckhuntingchat.com

Appreciate the kind words, Garand. So, I guess we’ll see you in about a decade for your next new pair.

USIA Waders have gone through 2 Michigan winters steelhead fishing. I also lost balance and slid 20 feet down a steep hill with NO leaks! After will stay with USIA. THANKS! ~Tim Pearson

Thank you, Tim. Try to stay on your own two feet from now on, please!

Ordered my waders last month and received them today. They Rock! Great quality and workmanship and will totally recommend them to all I know. Just wearing them should be a sale to people. Thanks for the quick and courteous service. My son also ordered a pair and is also quite happy. ~Gary Nopps

Great to know you and your son can bond over some great outdoor gear and activities!

I am writing to thank you for producing a superior product that has not only met, but exceeded my expectations. ENVIRON performs environmental studies throughout the Northwest and across the globe, often under extreme conditions. We perform stream surveys, fish and wildlife studies, water quality analysis and sediment sampling. Our equipment is used hard and for extended time periods. In the past, beach seining or stream cross sectioning would eat through a pair of chest waders in several months. The record was one day; the boots split in several locations. I purchased a set of waders from USIA with the expectation that when they came apart, I would at least have a local US contact. After one year of hard use, including waterfowling, the waders are performing flawlessly.

You guys make some rocking gear, saving my pennies for a dry suit and waders. Keep up the good work! ~Mitch Brown

You rock, Mitch! Another loyal customer!


The first thing that struck me when I picked up one of his dry suits was the quality of the suit, and the attention to detail. I looked through the samples Kim had in his shop and decided on a color scheme and boot options and placed my order. My waders arrived this week and of course, I took them out to my local watering hole right away to break them in. (Cordura) is the perfect material to have on the thigh of your waders or dry suit, especially if you’re a kayak fisherman and are going to have Lings and Sturgeon flipping around on your lap. These products are all triple chain stitched, then single and double heat tape sealed to ensure not a drop of moisture makes it’s way in. Each product is then water and gas tested for quality. The strength of these seams are ridiculous. As noted before, these waders are very well made. As you can see, I selected a black and “gold” color theme and I went with the latex boot socks instead of the built in boot. For the quality, these dry suits should easily be worth double what Kim is selling them for. ~ Paul  NorthWest Kayak Anglers

Paul wrote an extensive review for his website. Guess he was happy!

I bought some of the USIA waders a few years ago. Those things rocked! I would still be using them if they hadnt blown out of the boat. ~ Alseaya from iFish.net

Oops! You might want to tie those bad boys down next time!

USIA makes good, solid fabric dry suits for SCUBA diving and other water sports/immersion sports. I owned a dive store in a past life and working with Kim and his company was always a pleasure with top notch service, particularly when it came to custom sizing.

~JMC from iFish.net

Great to hear from you, JMC!

These things (Waders) are bomb proof!!! I own a pair. Got them for my wife 4-5 years ago. You cannot destroy them. Kim stands behind all his products and the quality and durability are second to none. ~Greenbuttskunk from iFish.net

Thanks, Green…You are correct. Kim stands behind ALL of his products.

Many years of great dives with your suit.. Can’t wait to get a set of your waders! Good thing I already got the undergarments! ~ Jhmtfly from iFish.net

Always outstanding to hear from our long time customers!

These waders are not the typical run of the mill waders; they are of high quality material and process (PERIOD). ~luv_2_fish from iFish.net

That’s right, L2F, they are NOT run of the mill.

Here are just a few pics of more satisfied customers:


Grabbed a shot today that I thought showed the waders nicely–

~Zachary Meiling
Warren, Oregon



Chris Calhoun

Nice waders. Even nicer fish!


Blake Williams




Waders for all! Women love our Waders too!