For outdoor sports enthusiasts, pockets are essential. Pockets get your gear off your harness, tucking it away while still keeping it accessible. They carry essential items and other odds and ends that you're happy they're there when you need them. Pockets are even used for other, unconventional purposes. For example, environmentally friendly sports people use pockets for rubbish stowage.

To ensure your drysuit or waders perform optimally for your sporting requirements, USIA currently offers two styles of pockets:

Zipper Pocket


  • Thigh mounted

  • 7.5" wide x 11" tall x 2" deep

  • Comes with a D-ring attach-point on the interior

  • 11" zipper opening


Cargo Pocket


  • Thigh mounted

  • 7.5" wide x 12" tall x 7" deep (fully extended billow). 

  • Comes with full cover flap

  • Velcro® down billow

Both pockets are equipped with mesh bottoms for drainage


 When ordering, please designate which side you prefer the pocket to reside.