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Since all of our waders are custom-built, we cannot accept returns. You are responsible for accurate measurement.

To speed up the ordering process, before calling in, please have all your colors and options chosen.

400D nylon pack cloth with 1000D Cordura overlays in high wear areas.

Non-breathable, non-insulated shell waders. What you wear underneath will determine warmth.

Comes standard with one Velcro 6x9 chest pocket and your choice of waterproof fabric socks or latex booties.

All zippered pocket options are built with Water resistant zipper chains. These zippers are NOT 100% waterproof, but will provide a significant moisture barrier.

To order, please determine if you wear a stock size or if you need custom shortening. Custom shortening requires a phone order.

If you need custom sizing:

  1. Refer to "Custom Measurement Form " on this page to attain your measurements (Be careful; You are responsible for accuracy in measuring).
  2. Watch This VIDEO for measurement instructions
  3. Refer to this chart for sizes.
  4. Determine your sizing and which options you want on your waders before you call.
  5. When sizing and options are determined, please call 800-247-8070. We'll be happy to help you through the process of ordering your waders.

Boot Sizing: The BOGS are well insulated and survival rated for -40F, so most people can order their street size and be fine. But if you plan on using multiple layers in your BOGS, choose 1 size larger than your street size. Size 16 & larger are special order. Please call for availability.

Bogs Warranty Information

Washington residents: Sales tax applies.

Shipping charges are for CONUS. Alaska, Hawaii, US territories, and international sales are extra. Please call for rates.

Turnaround time approximately 4-5 weeks.

Waterproof Rating: Class B

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  • 5
    tough ,comforable, and customized

    Posted by dayle mazzarella on 10th Feb 2017

    I have a size 14 foot but a size 32 waist and 31 inch inseam . Buying normal waders that fit my body AND my feet is impossible. I guide 80 days a year and have suffered ill fitting waders for 30 years. My feet have been smashed and cold for way too many days. These waders have solved that problem! In addition I love the color selections and options. They are a little heavier than normal waders and don't breathe ( an over hyped function in most situations anyway) but I'll make that trade any day. The people at USIA are awesome to work with and if you think buying American and supporting small businesses is important then that is an added bonus!

  • 5
    Tough, mobile, and not heavy

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Feb 2016

    See the headline, not much more needs to be said. Would be nice to have a long warranty on the entire product rather than just the seams

  • 5
    eats simms for breakfast

    Posted by ryan brown on 13th Feb 2016

    Really tough waders, just awesome. I actually intended to get the t zipper but selected the relife zipper, so now I pee awesomeness since I don't have to take my pack or any other gear off to answers nature's call. USIA I love you!

  • 5
    Outstanding waders!!

    Posted by Derek on 12th Oct 2015

    The first thing I noticed about these waders are the extremely high quality materials and excellent craftsmanship put into them. Everything from the Velcro on the pockets to the buckles on the shoulder straps and super high quality material. No cutting corners on materials that I could find. I'm a big guy at 6'8" and 270#'s, so I was ready and willing to order a custom pair. But after my measurements I found I fit into the XL long perfectly. If your used to neoprene, these will definitely have a different feel to the fit. They don't stretch and move with you like neoprenes do. This worried me when I first had them on around the house, but after my first duck hunt in them it wasn't a problem at all. The Bogs boots are EXTREMELY comfortable. Much more so than any other wader boots I've had on my feet. The waders come up higher on the chest than other waders I've owned do. Which allowed me to venture into deeper water to set and retrieve decoys. The waders are un-insulated which I noticed when in the water setting/retrieving decoys. But I wasn't layered for cold weather. The insulated Bogs were very warm, however. As the weather continues to get colder I'm sure proper layering will keep me nice and toasty. I've only used these in the field once so far and have a long season ahead to give them a proper test. But so far, I'm VERY impressed with these waders.

  • 5
    great customer service!

    Posted by Walter Malmstrom on 22nd May 2015

    These are very quality waders - and while they're not the quietest waders you've ever walked in - they are going to be the driest.
    I love that they are customizable --- and that they are made in America!
    There was one mistake when I received mine (metal d rings instead of plastic) but a quick phone call and they OVERNIGHTED the correct d rings to have put on. Let's be honest - people a human and mistakes are made - but it shows what a company is made of when they fix the problem with such haste.
    When my 3 boys stop growing I'm going to outfit them in USIA waders.

  • 5
    Best waders I've ever had

    Posted by Dan on 13th May 2015

    These waders are far superior to anything put out by any other company. You get unmatched quality for less than half the price, not to mention the choices in customization. These things are built with pride and built to last. The warranty provided is second to none and lets you rest assured that these waders will be the last ones you buy for a long, long time. When ordering the sizing process is fool-proof and the time frame between manufacture, shipping, and retrieving is surprisingly short. It only took 3 weeks from order to delivery for mine. Function is perfect, i stood in the surf, waste deep, fishing in these for 10 hours one day and 8 the next and when I took them off I was bone dry. Couldn't ask for more, I strongly suggest USIA for waders in addition to any other product that they provide.

  • 4

    Posted by Angela on 17th Mar 2015

    These waders ought to hold up well. The outer material is heavy duty and limbs and such won't tear it. I give 4 stars only because mine are custom order and they are tighter than I think they should be and I measure three times. Other wise I love em!

  • 5
    Incredible quality and customer service, I've never been more pleased

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Oct 2014

    I bought a pair of these chest waders, custom made, and even requested a few modifications to the colored USIA logo. The president of USIA happily gave me a call and added their military subdued logo for me. When I received the product I immediately noticed the excellent craftsmanship and design. For the price you will pay for any good pair of waders, these proved far superior than commercial waders people buy at most outdoor stores for the same price. The extra high cut to the entire chest and back allowed me to move deeper into the cold Alaskan waters than others with commercial waders. They even threw in a nice USIA hat and awesome coin. Thanks USIA, I couldn't have made a better investment.